Look at our fruit

Isn’t this exciting. Summer is here and with it’s arrival we have fruit. Obviously Blueberries in their abundance! But also for the first time, Cherries. We have been sponsored some apple trees and they are producing fruit already. Them we have our currants, raspberries and strawberries which have been producing fruit for years.

P.S. Sorry about the quality of photos. I will take some better and update these.

Food Forest or Permaculture

This youth work project with multiple aims is mostly to get young people gardening and eating healthily. In order to help our thinking I have read 2 books:

1. Martin Crawford, Creating a forest garden

2. Chris Shein, The Vegetable gardener’s guide to Permaculture

I am left with a desire to complete both but feel very much unsure of whether we are on a track towards permaculture or a food forest. More importantly whether it matters.

The ethos of what we’re doing lies in a desire to educate, train and resource young people for the future provision of food for their family and the community we live in. However, behind this ethos is also a desire to sit it within a frame work to help guide the work and help to grow it.

And so back to my question, “Is it possible to give us some insight into the difference between the 2 and the path we undertake?

Please feel free to comment or ask some questions.

I hate these bushes

Rhododendron clearing continues

Rhododendron is a weed. Well the stuff we’ve got anyway. It is all over the land and we will be clearing it for some years to come. The way most people clear it is to spray it, but I really don’t like this idea. I want to keep the site as organic as possible. We won’t register, it costs too much, but at least folks can know we don’t use pesticides.

This pictures show what can be achieved in just over an hour!

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